Fuerteventura Volcano Tour

Fuerteventura - Volcano E-Bike Tour (Calderón Hondo)

Join us on our Volcano Tour and explore the fascinating volcanic area of northern Fuerteventura. Immerse yourself in the island’s geological history as we traverse impressive landscapes shaped by volcanic activity. From imposing craters to petrified lava fields, each step reveals the importance of volcanoes in shaping this unique land. Join us and discover the […]

Barranco E-Bike Tour

Fuerteventura: Barranco E-Bike Tour

Experience the natural magnificence of Fuerteventura and uncover its astonishing diversity on our Barranco Tour. We start by exploring the enigmatic volcanic zone, where geological history comes to life through impressive formations. Then, we venture into the desert area until we reach the mysterious Barranco, an oasis of majestic cliffs and panoramic views that will […]

Coast to Coast E-Bike Tour

Fuerteventura - Coast to Coast E-bike Tour

Experience the most electrifying tour of northern Fuerteventura! We’ll begin by exploring the impressive volcanic area, enjoying panoramic views as we head towards Lajares, where the desert landscape awaits us for a unique experience in the Barranco. We will then continue our journey to El Cotillo, where the sea breeze and beautiful beaches invite us […]

Tindaya Mount E-Bike Tour

Fuerteventura - E-Bike Tour of Tindaya Mount (Montaña de Tindaya)

Discover Tindaya Mount (Montaña de Tindaya), considered a sacred place by the local pre-colonial population. Through the volcano area, passing through the desert and returning from el Cotillo along the coast to admire the pools, the village of Majanicho and the iconic Pop Corn Beach.

Paladea Race Tour

Fuerteventura Paladea E-Bike Tour

Discover the exciting adventure of Paladea with our exclusive electric bike tour! This experience will take you through the landscape of Fuerteventura, following the same route as the famous Paladea race. We will ride across the volcanic area in the north of the island, a terrain full of contrasts and panoramic views. Feel the thrill […]

Lobos Island E-Bike Tour

Fuerteventura - E-Bike Tour of Lobos Island

Departure from the port of Corralejo by ferry boat: we will enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountains of Fuerteventura and the Natural Park of Las Dunas. After about 15 minutes, we will disembark on the shores of Lobos Island (declared a Natural Park in 1982): an island where life flows slowly, populated only by […]